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Using state-of-the-art non-linear workstations, we can assign multiple editors to work on the same program simultaneously, providing the fastest turnarounds and highest quality in the industry.

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Efficient, Cost-Effective NLE Closed Captioning: Depending on which nonlinear editing (NLE) system you're using, it may be possible for you to leverage an efficient and cost-effective workflow method to closed caption your video. Learn more below

Video Caption Corporation is a full-service closed captioning company. We offer high-quality English, French and Spanish closed captioning services for all types of programming. Unlike many other closed captioning companies, our captioning is done in-house from start to finish – from transcription to encoding – allowing us to offer our clients fast turnarounds, strict quality control and extremely competitive prices.

Our captioning service has been evaluated by the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP), and Video Caption Corporation has been approved as a vendor for the DCMP's Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education. The DCMP is the only organization which evaluates the quality of captions produced in the United States and fewer than 10% of the companies offering closed captioning services have met their strict standards.

We also lead the industry by offering three distinct closed captioning styles to meet every need and budget. We can encode captions to all standard definition tape formats, as well as professional high definition formats such as D-5, DVCPRO HD, HDCAM and HDCAM SR. And with more and more stations now accepting programs in digital file formats, we can embed closed captioning data in all commonly accepted file types, including Apple ProRes, H.264, MXF, MPEG-2 Program Streams and MPEG-2 Transport Streams.


Video Caption Corporation offers all of its captioning at competitive rates. Because our captioning service is done in-house, we can provide you with an extremely fast turnaround when your schedule demands it.

Choose from the following captioning styles:
Basic Roll-up
Premium Roll-up
Traditional Pop-on

Basic Roll-up

Roll-up style captioning doesn't have to be synonymous with "poor quality" captioning.

Basic Roll-up Style
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We understand that while the FCC may have mandated closed captioning for your show, it didn't increase your budget to pay for it. Our Basic Roll-up style captions are accurately transcribed, carefully timed, free of typos, and will never cover your onscreen graphics. All unfamiliar terms are diligently researched for proper spelling, and the same multiple-level quality control reviews we apply to our Pop-on style and Premium Roll-up style captions are applied to our Basic Roll-up style closed captions.

Premium Roll-up

Our exclusive Premium Roll-up style takes roll-up captions to the next level.

Premium Roll-up Style
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In addition to the high quality of our Basic Roll-up style captions, our Premium Roll-up style captions include a number of features that significantly increase overall readability. For example, when we move captions to avoid covering onscreen graphics, we do not simply relocate the three-line block of text. Instead, we anticipate the move by taking the text off the screen at the end of the sentence immediately prior to the graphic, and then begin the next sentence with the text in the new location. When consistent with the audio, we also time the text to come off the screen at the end of a scene and begin again at the start of the next scene. While this feature is common with high-quality pop-on style closed captions, it is virtually unheard of with roll-up.

Traditional Pop-on

Studies have consistently shown that traditional pop-on style closed captioning is preferred by deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

Closed Captioning Sample Pop-on Style

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Traditional Pop-on Style
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We carefully place Traditional Pop-on style captions on the screen to indicate the speaker, and include descriptions of music and sound effects. They are the ideal choice for entertainment programming, where you commonly have multiple characters onscreen simultaneously.

Our Clients

We've been providing closed captioning services since 1997 to a broad range of organizations, including broadcasters, corporations, independent producers, schools, libraries, churches and government agencies. Wherever there is a need for high quality closed captioning at reasonable rates, we are there to meet it!

Efficient, Cost-Effective NLE Captioning

With NLE captioning, you simply forward a low resolution reference version of your video to us via FTP. We use the reference file to caption the video and output a video file containing only the closed caption data. The file containing the caption data is then uploaded to the FTP server for your retrieval and import into your NLE. When you output your video to tape, it will include all of the closed caption data – ready for broadcast!

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