The Closed Captioning Process

We have designed and implemented a proven 5-step process to ensure the delivery of high quality closed captioning services at affordable rates. Because all steps in this process are done in-house, we can offer our clients fast guaranteed turnarounds, strict quality control, and extremely competitive rates.

Closed Captioning Process | |

Quality Control Inspection and Preparation

Each video we receive is logged in by our traffic department and reviewed for each of the following:

  • Completeness
  • Sequential Time Code
  • Audio Quality
  • Video Quality

As the review is being conducted, the program is digitized and/or transcoded to one of our production servers. Any problems with the video, or any discrepancies between the video and the client’s original description of the project, are noted and communicated to the client.

Caption Production

Using a state-of-the-art workstation, one of our professional caption editors accesses the program and carefully transcribes all audio elements, including the dialogue, sound effects, and other essential, nonverbal features. All unfamiliar terms are diligently researched for proper spelling. This text is then formatted into easy to read captions, positioned on the screen to avoid graphics and to indicate the speaker (in the case of pop-on style captions), and timed to appear with the related audio and video of the program.

Initial Review

Following the caption production, the caption editor performs an initial review, comparing the closed captioning against the original programming to check for accuracy and timing.

Final Review

A senior editor performs a final review of the captioned program and makes any necessary changes to the caption file. That file is then archived for future reformats or transcripts.


For projects going to broadcast, the final step is the integration of the caption data with the video portion of the program. Our experienced technicians can embed your caption data to virtually any digital video format. We can also encode to any standard or high definition professional tape format.

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