Transcription Services

If you need a specialty script, such as a Combined Continuity List, or just basic transcription of your raw footage for your editor, Video Caption Corporation can provide you with high quality transcripts — with turnarounds as fast as same day. We also offer high quality audio transcription from any source.

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Video Transcription

Our experienced editors can transcribe your video in any format you require — with or without timecode, speaker identification or descriptions of sound effects. Video transcription rates are based on the run-time of your video, your required transcription format, and your turnaround time. If you’re looking for an accurate transcript of your video, contact us now for a fast, free quote!

Specialty Scripts

As-Broadcast Scripts

Often requested by networks, As-Broadcast Scripts typically include timecode, speaker identification and verbatim dialogue. As-Broadcast Scripts can be economically produced during the closed captioning process.

Dialogue Lists

Dialogue Lists are meant to be a complete record of all spoken dialogue. They are available in a variety of formats, from basic to extremely detailed. Dialogue Lists typically include speaker identification and may also include timecode and sound effects. Dialogue Lists are often used for dubbing.

Combined Continuity Lists

Studios will often require production companies to deliver Continuity Lists to facilitate copyright protection. While there are numerous formats, Continuity Lists typically contain an extremely detailed description of each scene of a production and are often combined with Spotting Lists.

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    Audio Transcription

    If you’re looking for down-and-dirty audio transcription generated by voice recognition software and quickly reviewed by a sleep-deprived college student, you have come to the wrong place! Our transcriptionists are full-time, US-based professionals with years of experience transcribing some of the most challenging audio. We will format your transcript to your specifications. Audio transcription rates are based on the length of your audio, your preferred transcript format, and your required turnaround. If you need an accurate transcript of your audio at a competitive price, contact us now for a fast, free quote!