DVD/Blu-ray Authoring Services

Allow our experienced professionals to take your closed captioning, subtitling or audio description project all the way to a finished disc - ready for replication and distribution. Video Caption Corporation offers professional DVD and Blu-ray authoring services, from basic autoplay to complex multi-feature projects.

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Experienced Professionals

Our professionals are trained on all of the major authoring platforms, and are well aware of their relative strengths and limitations. Over the years, they have learned what approaches work best for different types of projects. We can work collaboratively with you to design your project, including custom menu artwork, or simply execute on your vision with your creatives.

All Options

In addition to video captioning, subtitles and audio description, we can implement motion menus, animated chapter icons, alternate audio tracks for extras such as director’s commentary, as well as the full complement of options unique to Blu-ray, such as interactive pop-up menus and picture-in-picture effects. Depending on the run-time of your assets, we can author single or dual layer discs.

Full Quality Control Review

Before providing you with a proof disc, we conduct a comprehensive quality control review of your project, confirming full functionality on multiple platforms, as well as consistency of the design implementation.

Replication-Ready Masters

We can provide you with a replication-ready DVD master or an AACS protected BDCFM formatted disc with Managed Copy.

One-stop Shopping

Enjoy the convenience of one-stop-shopping for your next project!  Contact Us now for a fast, free quote for DVD or Blu-ray authoring services.