Increase your Viewership with Captions

You may decide that your social media strategy includes posting video content to Facebook. If you’ve seen thosecooking tutorials, cute animals doing silly things, or feel-good philanthropy videos on Facebook currently, have you noticed anything the most popular ones have in common?

Most of the time, viewers on Facebook are scrolling past and have videos muted. One may catch their eye and they stop for a second to preview it, but without sound, how are they supposed to get the full impact of the message you’re trying to get across? According to DIGIDAY, as much as 85% of video views occur without sound. If this is a big part of your strategy to get your product, service, or story out there, it may be detrimental for people to keep your video muted.

Have you given thought to what these viral videos have in common? Recently, more and more videos on Facebook are providing captions whether or not the video is muted. This has effectively been increasing viewership across the board for Facebook videos. According to statistics from the social media giant itself, captioned videos increase average view time by 12%. Further into the article, Facebook describes that connecting to your audience and capturing their attention is absolutely critical, as 65% of people who watch the first three seconds will watch for at least ten seconds, with 45% continuing for thirty seconds.

To get your message out there and to the most people, you’ll have to make sure your content is eye-catching and easily accessible in silence.

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Kim Wicker