Press Release: Video Caption Corporation Offers Captioning and Subtitling for Web and Mobile Video

Services Provided in All Video Formats, Including QuickTime, Windows Media, RealMedia, and Flash

Stanfordville, NY – With an increasing amount of video content making its way onto the Internet and mobile devices, Video Caption Corporation, the leading source for captioning and subtitling solutions, offers a range of Internet captioning and subtitling services.

“By captioning their web video, content owners make it accessible to millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. In addition, they provide a benefit for the growing number of individuals who don’t need captioning but appreciate the option of watching their web video without listening to the audio,” states Video Caption Corporation President, Justin K. Macedonia. “Our company captions English and Spanish-language video to all common web video formats, including QuickTime, Windows Media, RealMedia, and Flash. We also offer multi-language subtitling. Because we do our captioning and subtitling in-house from start to finish – from transcription to transcoding – we can offer our clients fast turnarounds, strict quality control, and extremely competitive prices.”

Macedonia also notes that web captioning and subtitling projects needn’t be scheduled weeks in advance. Using the company’s state-of-the-art non-linear workstations, multiple editors can work on the same program simultaneously, providing the fastest turnarounds in the industry.

Formats and Trends

Having been affiliated with a closed caption service provider for quite some time, I can tell you that very few video producers are fully prepared for the added effort and expense of close captioning their shows. The best strategy is to plan upfront for the expense during the budgetary phase of your project. In the event that your show is ultimately picked up by a network and captioning is included in the deal, you can consider the “found money” in the captioning line item as gravy.

When outsourcing the closed captioning (as with the outsourcing of any function), the old adage, “You get what you pay for,“ holds. My advice is for video producers to engage a service provider that specializes in video captioning, shows a strong commitment to technology (hardware and software), and maintains the highest product and service standards.

Captioning for Broadcast

Video Caption Corporation offers captioning and subtitling in all Internet formats and for all players and devices, including Apple’s iPod and iPhone. Content owners may provide their video in a variety of formats – from tape to digital files.

Citing the increased popularity of Flash video for web and mobile use, Macedonia notes, “Providing extremely high quality with relatively small file sizes, Flash video is taking over the Internet. For experienced Flash developers and those who want to implement the caption integration themselves, Video Caption Corporation can caption their video and provide Flash caption data files. Alternatively, we can provide a turnkey solution: caption, capture, transcode, and publish video to a finished swf or html file, complete with a ‘CC’ button to turn the captions on and off, all ready to add to their site.”

To help keep customer service issues to a minimum on the web, Macedonia suggests that content owners consider the use of open captions. “With open captioning, you can eliminate user configuration issues completely. Just offer two versions of your video: one with captions burned onto the video and one without.

By making these choices clearly visible onscreen and easy to use, you can reduce the number of routine user queries.

For more information about Video Caption Corporation’s streaming media capabilities and other services for the government sector, please call 800-705-1203 or visit

Since 1997, Video Caption Corporation ( has provided high quality English and Spanish offline closed captioning and multi-language subtitling for video and DVDs. The company also captions and subtitles video for streaming media, and provides video format conversion, duplication, and related services.

Jenn Rogers